Drowning Diver Saved by Beluga Whale

Mila the Beluga

More proof of the amazing nature of the creatures we share this earth with- we humans think we are such smarties and yet, Mila, the whale noticed the girl diver in trouble first. Luckily we don't have to wonder how long and at what price her safety it would have taken for one of us humans to notice, Mila didn't just happen to accidentally bump her, she swam to the rescue. Thank you Mila. I hope to be as good a human as you are a whale and always notice and come to help when I can :)

Mila the hero whale to the rescue (pic: Europics)

Amazing rescue: Drowning diver saved by beluga whale
A beluga whale in a Chinese aquarium has rescued a drowning diver by pushing her out of the water.

A spokesman for Harbin Polar Land in the country's north-east Heilongjiang province said the diver had been taking part in a competition at the aquarium when she began suffering sudden cramps in her legs. Entrants were required to dive into the 6-metre-deep cool pool without any breathing equipment. The person who dives the deepest and stays down for the longest time wins the competition.

Yang Yun, an applicant from a local Chinese Medicine College, dived to a depth of 4 metres on her first trial.
"Maybe I was too nervous, and my legs had sudden cramps," she explained. "I never dive into the water so deep and so cold. I was so nervous then.
"When I was choking with water and plummeting to the bottom, a sudden force pushed me out of the water," said Yang, who swam to the bank and was rescued by other competitors.
An activity organiser said the beluga, Mila, is very familiar with humans and she spotted the problem first.
"We didn't notice the problem until we saw Mila holding the diver's leg with her mouth and pushing her out of the water," said the organiser.
Yang Yun thanked the audience and Mila by diving into the tank again after making a full recovery.

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(I am still at work on my project and since I am just one wee human I can't be all the places I want to at once but there is an end in sight then back to normal and with a nice thing to share in the future. I have wanted to "have something done" like this for a long time but just decided that to have it happen I would have to do it myself so that's what I am doing for better or worse, I am making it happen! Also Rick is saving my moments of "oh no it's ruined!" many times so he has been doing more than helping too! So thanks to everyone for understanding my awayness and it is just temporary. Hope you have been having wonderful summers or winters depending on what end of the planet you live. See you soon!)