Spooky Saturday, Cute Spooky Face

With those big claws you would think they would be scary but Sloths are one of the cutest spooky babies ever. Speaking of babies- here is a picture and video of a baby sloth recently born in the zoo.

THE NATIONAL AQUARIUM WELCOMES A NEW BABY TO THE UPLAND TROPICAL RAIN FOREST Two-toed sloth is first born at the Aquarium (September 24, 2008 – Baltimore) The National Aquarium is proud to welcome a new addition to the Upland Tropical Rain Forest – a two-toed sloth born in early September. The baby is the first sloth born at the National Aquarium. During daily routine checkups aquarists in the Upland Tropical Rain Forest found that Rose, one of three adult sloths living in the exhibit, had given birth to an infant. The baby was born fully haired and with its trademark claws. Upon initial observations the baby sloth seems strong and healthy, and is actively clinging and crawling about on its mom. Since birth, the baby sloth has been attached to the mother. Read the whole story here!